Hereford Civic Society

An independent local charity representing people who care about Hereford and its built environment. At the Annual Lecture in March 2017 John Bothamley, chairman, spoke about the complex way Hereford choses to consult on built environment matters. With developers choosing what they want to build without much reference to local communities he proposed a much more inclusive way of working.

Following successful negotiation with the Council on the retention of part of their former offices (creditable Victorian buildings) together with the creation of new four storey contemporary flats the Society has some credibility; especially as the original proposal was to flatten the site and build a fire station in a prime position overlooking the City.

Now we are looking at creating an Urban Room as a joint venture, the Council providing the premises and community group volunteers to man it. Always pleased to discuss our proposals.

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One comment

  1. johnbothamley

    Even the Local Authority are talking about the need for an Urban Room! Still some way to go but when officers are using the language that must be a positive sign. And they know it has to be independent and HCS is placed to be the operator.


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